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Here is a brief introduction to Dreamz Casino as well as some interesting pointers and tips to get you started on your exciting journey with us. We encourage you to read through the following text to get yourself up to speed on everything that is online casino gaming.

Online Casino — the convenient way to play casino games

Games of chance have always fascinated mankind. It was not until the advent of internet, however, that casino games really became a thing of the people. Until then, this was only a hobby for a few as you actually had to get off your sofa and travel to a local land-based casino. While this kind of a thing is still available to those who happen to live next to an an actual casino, online casinos have since taken over in a big way. No longer are you forced to take the time to travel and spend your resources even before getting to where you are going. No longer do you have to queue to be able to play your favourite game or to have the correct change to play it.

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The wide range of games at Dreamz Casino

Here at Dreamz Casino, you are free to choose from an array of entertaining types of games, ranging from slot machines to progressive jackpots, video pokers, keno, bingo, table games, live casino games and more. Everything is available right there at your fingertips, and you can even play with your smartphones and tablets as well as your laptop, just swing by our mobile casino section. To make things even more sweeter, the number of games is typically a lot higher online than at your average land-based casino.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why online casino gaming has become such a mainstay as well as most people's preferred way of gambling.

How to get started at Dreamz Casino

Then how exactly do you go about it? We at Dreamz Casino have made things as easy and straightforward as they can get.

The first thing that you do is of course register an account by typing in your contact details and information. This is how we combine your gaming session with your details and allow for you to play with real money. After signing up, you are free to deposit your own money and to redeem our current welcome bonus package from us. Everything is thoroughly explained when you deposit, which means that you only have to read what is being said on your screen. The amount that you deposit is entirely up to you as long as you deposit at least the minimum amount of 20 euros.

Once you have deposited, you are off to the races. You are the one who gets to decide what you want to play and when you want to play it. Like an artist with a blank canvas, you create your own experience here at Dreamz Casino. Of course, we will be with you and at your disposal whenever you need for us to be. Feel free to contact our friendly and professional customer service if there is ever any doubt on what to do next.

How to play

The first thing you want to do is pick a type of game that you want to try. Whether this is one of our many slot machines or a classic table game such as roulette or blackjack, you are bound to find a lot of variety here at Dreamz Casino. Once you have picked a genre suitable for your tastes, you are free to pick an actual game that interests you the most.

When you have chosen the game that you want to play, you will be taken to this very game in a few seconds. After this you will often see short instructions on how this particular game is played and what kind of special features might be in place. You will then have a chance to visit the game's sound settings etc., and can most often find further instructions by clicking either a question mark or a cog icon visible somewhere on your screen. Once you have read and done everything that you want to do to get ready, you can feel free to choose your bet and try your luck.

Most online casino games will let you know in a few seconds whether you have won with your bet or not. With slots, you just have to wait and see whether any winning combinations will end up on your screen. After this, you might want to either play another round with the same bet, lower or raise your bet, or try another game instead.

Try games for free

We at Dreamz Casino believe in letting our players try our games for free before wagering any money on them. Thus, most games (with the exception of at least live casino games) will let you play with play money first. This way, you can easily get to know the games beforehand and see whether they are the kind that you want to try with real money or not. Playing with play money also lets you get acquainted with how all the features in a particular game work and how often you can expect to win. When you play with real money, you have exactly the same odds of winning as when playing with play money. Of course, these odds might manifest in different ways at different times—such is the inherent nature of games of luck.

Slots and Game Features

Our selection of slots and games extends over 1200. In order to make it easier for you as a casino player, we devided our games in to different themes and features. Win feature, bonus feature and wild feature, for instance. Hopefully, it will make it easier for you to find new exciting slots in our game browser.

Dreamz Jackpot

Have we not all dreamed of winning a mulit-million jackpot? It's a part of the thrill of online casino, that it could happen. However, to be honest, the chance to claim a mega jackpot is not that great, and very few is that lucky. But just the thought of the possibility enhance the casino experience for many players. Therefor, we hare at Dreamz Casino have collected the most popular jackpot slots out there. Browse around and see if you find your new favorite!

Manage your money

While online slots and casino games in general have a strong luck element involved, this does not mean that you cannot make good or bad decisions. Of course, these games are not like chess where you have to stay on your toes and count many moves ahead. Games of chance could never have become as popular and mainstream as they are now if it was very complex to play them. Instead, even a beginner can easily get the gist of most online casino games. Still, it is actually oftentimes those who think they know their stuff that will make the most rash decisions as most of the new gamblers out there are bound have a certain humility to them when partaking in something that they do not know that much about.

We at Dreamz Casino believe that the most important strategies when it comes to online casino gaming are those of good money management. What this means is that you should always plan ahead in order to maximise your fun as well as your results. We encourage you to always make plans about how much you are going to bet and how much you want to win. This way, you can more easily make smart decisions and not let your emotions get the best of you. Of course, this does not only apply to online casino games, but to all kinds of combat sports and sports in general as well. You want to stay professional and to keep your emotions in check, and the best way to accomplish this is always having a thorough plan of action that will carry you through everything that might happen from quick losses to sudden jackpots.

Additional strategic tips – Roulette and Blackjack

At Dreamz Casino you will find a lot of different kinds of games. While some games here are more or less all about luck and require no skill whatsoever, there are also games that will offer you a chance to enjoy some deeper gameplay elements as well. Especially table games are known to challenge their player in terms of the way they think. Because of this, some players will only ever play table games, whereas others will mostly only try roulette or blackjack for their welcome change of pace.

Roulette will require you to place your own bets anywhere that you want on the table. Some casino players will always place their bet on their lucky number, but there are more complex ways of betting available as well. You can, for instance, place your bet on all the odd or even numbers at the same time. This will slash the amount of how much you might win per round, but it will also dramatically improve your odds. Also, you can bet on whether the number the ball will land on will be red or black, which is another classic way of determining whether you win or lose. In roulette, you can create your own odds by choosing where you want to place your bet.

Blackjack, on the other hand, is a very different beast. Here you are trying to beat the dealer's cards by getting yourself cards that are worth more. The interesting part comes from you being able to make your own decisions and the dealer having to just follow the rules like a robot. In essence, the dealer's actions are not based on what you do at all, but you should base your decisions on what cards you and the dealer have. By making irrational decisions here, you might actually cost your chances of winning, which makes blackjack one of the most strategic online casino games at Dreamz Casino. We would advise you to practise this game with play money first and use your brain to learn to count the odds for different kinds of situations that arise. Also, do not just look at your own cards when making your decisions—take a look at what the dealer has as well!

Dreamz Casino bonuses

Bonuses and welcome offers are yet another reason why online casinos have become so popular over the years. A casino bonuses will allow you to get more value for your money when making your deposit. This could mean getting additional free tries (also known as free spins) on some of your favourite casino slots, or getting a deposit bonus to increase your chances of winning with additional bonus money. Read more about Dreamz casino bonus for UK here!

Dreamz Casino glossary

To cap things off, let us look at some of the most important online casino terms that you will come across at Dreamz Casino. This should help you in understanding some of the most important core concepts related to online gambling.

  • Deposit: To put your actual money on your Dreamz Casino account.
  • Withdraw: To take your winnings away from your Dreamz Casino account.
  • Bonus: A special treat from us in form of free spins, a deposit bonus etc.
  • Table games: Games usually played around a table, for example roulette, blackjack and baccarat.
  • Progressives: Games where the jackpot rises a little bit every time that someone makes a bet. Most progressives are online slots, but there might be kenos, bingos and other kinds of progressives as well.

Good luck here at Dreamz Casino

Did you read through the whole text as we advised you to? If you did, good! If you did not, perhaps you already knew most of the stuff written here. However it may be, we think that you might be ready to try your luck with us now. Still, feel free to proceed with your own leisure.

We here at Dreamz Casino welcome you aboard and wish you the best of luck!

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