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There are many types of different players here at Dreamz.com.

The minority would never as much as try slot machines and only want to stick to playing games such as roulette, blackjack and our other live casino and table games. The vast majority, however, like to always play at least a few slot machines here and there. Another extremity, which actually consists of quite a lot of people, is those who only play slots with us and nothing else.

While we do focus on giving everyone something memorable and exciting to play, we do still think that our very wide selection of online casino slots is what makes us unique. All in all, we have games from over 30 different game providers, and our slot selection consists of over 1300 top slots in the online casino business today. This number includes plenty of slots for all the different tastes out there. Whether you are looking for ultra-modern slots with new and advanced bonus features, or old retro slots with just 9 symbols on the screen and one payline, you should be able to find something of interest here at Dreamz Casino.

How to get started

Some of the most modern online slots are not necessarily super simple to understand with all kinds of different features and ways of scoring those big wins. Be that as it may, slots are not meant to be hard to play, which means that things such as picking your bet and spinning those reels are supposed to be easy.

When you want to try one of our many slots, the first order of business will be to decide whether you want to play the game for free or with your real money balance. If you are not that familiar with the game—or with online slots in general for that matter—we suggest that you first try the game in question with play money. This will give you plenty of time to learn about how things work and how the game progresses. After this, you can just close your game and come back to play with real money if you want to.

Online slots — things you need to know

If you are not yet very familiar with online slot machines, there are a few things that you need to learn in order to have a hassle-free experience. Here we have listed some of the most integral things and key concept that you should read about.


Almost every best slot machine in the world has wild symbols in it. These symbols offer you the chance to win with your active payline even if you do not land all of the otherwise necessary symbols on your screen.

Let us say that you have two bells on your screen and you need at least three to win. A wild can substitute for any of the needed symbols and works just like a joker would in a deck of cards.

With many games, there are tons of different wilds from expanding wilds to moving wilds. Perhaps especially popular are the kind of wilds that stick to your screen for a few spins and can thus help you in racking up those all-elusive big wins.


If you are lucky, you might be able to access your favourite game’s bonus game or free spins mode. This is usually done by landing at least three of the so-called scatter symbols on your screen. When this happens, the action will briefly pause and you will be notified of how the bonus game or the free spins mode is about to start. After the bonus is over, the game will tell you how much you won and bring you back to the basic game.

For many players, is is these bonus modes that are the ultimate salt and pepper of any game. Nothing really beats the feeling of chasing after a bonus for a long time and finally getting it.

Card symbols

Many people often wonder what the reasoning is behind so many of the best online slots having card symbols such as suites, jack, kings, queens and aces. The reason for this, however, is very simple. When you combine these symbols with those that are more appropriate for the game’s theme, you make it easier for the players to know which symbols are worth a lot and which are not. In other words, if you are playing an Egyptian-themed slot with scarabees, mummies and pharaohs and you manage to score a win with three jacks, this helps you in adjusting your expectations accordingly.

Have fun

The most important thing for you to remember when playing the best slot machines at Dreamz.com is that online gambling is supposed to be fun! Thus, if something is bothering you in the least, you should definitely contact our customer support team! They will quickly come to your aid and help you with any of your questions and try to get you back on track!

We wish you good luck and safe travels with our slots! Hopefully, you will have the time of your dreamz!

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