Dreamz - The step towards our dreams

Who are we behind Dreamz?

At the time when you're reading these paragraphs of text, a small group of men and women are most gathered around the light from their laptops on the small attic in their northen little town. They most often are.

Both at day and night the little team prefer to rally up around their latest gaming inventions, widget or ideas and go at it together until something new and shiny would appear in front of their eyes. They all know what it takes to win, and in order to win big you have to play hard and dare to invent new dimensions of the game!

The little group of gaming fans and game lovers wouldn't like to have it any other way. Their passion for the excitement and journey towards something new has always been their shared interest that leads to them coming back here again and again. Night after night. Week after week. Until something brand new has risen from their circle of laptops.

Where did the dream start?

The little seed of an idea came to them years ago. Long before their latest invention and startups. Long before all of those other bits and bobs. The idea was so simple, but still genius enough for them to not let go of it, not even until today. So here they were.

With all of their joint focus evolving around Dreamz and the new startup they would enter into, it was clear that the gaming and game experience would remain the core of the product.

Considering that most of them had worked together previously, and also knew each other very well from before, it wasn't necessary to do all that much talking. They never used to anyway.

The vision of a Dream

Few other tech startups have made their dreams come through in the end, it will require the little group of adventurous friends to achieve the extraordinary simply with the edge of being an extraordinary team. When it all comes down to the joy of gaming and the fun that it offers players all around the globe, then it's easy to remember why these long nights around their laptops will pay off in the end.

Few other have been playing as much together before starting the project as the team behind Dreamz. With their own expectations on the gaming experience set as high as they have, it's hard to see that they won't succeed in the end.

In the end, success is often just a result of a vast number of failures stacked upon each other. The trick is just to keep seeding out the good ideas from the bad and remain focued on the games you'd like to play.

Our little team will keep grinding away in their little town up north until the sun goes up, but stay tuned throughout the coming months for more new related to Dreamz and the games they intend to build together.

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