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The best casino bonuses online

Soon this page will be smacked with the best casino welcome bonuses online, exclusive and tailored just for you.

How our bonuses work

We are proud to offer the most sophisticated bonus program in the casino industry. Through ground breaking technology we ensure that each bonus offer you receive is both generous, fair and most importantly – personalised to your gambling and bonus preferences!
To get you rolling and to help our intelligent reward algorithms understand the exact type of casino player you are, we offer one of the absolute top welcome packages online!
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Welcome Bonuses

On your first deposit

  • We give you a 200% match deposit bonus up to EUR50!
  • Maximum and minimum deposit examples:
  • Max: Deposit EUR50 and get EUR150 to play with
  • Min: Deposit EUR10 and get EUR30 to play with

On your second deposit

  • We give you a 50% match deposit bonus up to EUR200!
  • Maximum and minimum deposit examples:
  • Max: Deposit EUR400 and get EUR600 to play with
  • Min: Deposit EUR10 and get EUR15 to play with

On your third deposit

  • We give you a 25% match deposit bonus up to EUR500!
  • Maximum and minimum deposit examples:
  • Max: Deposit EUR500 and get EUR750 to play with
  • Min: Deposit EUR10 and get EUR12.50 to play with

The different bonus types

Returning players can anticipate continuous bonus offers, the more you play and the more bonuses you use or Don't Use – will make our system learn about your individual preferences and help adapt to give you the very first truly personal and unique online casino experience.
A full summary of our Deposit Bonus, Free Spin, Cash and Free Money Bonus rewards can be found below:

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus as it sounds, is triggered upon deposits. They always include a percentage (%) of which your deposit amount will be matched with.
For example: “25% match deposit bonus up to EUR25”.
A deposit of EUR100 is required to receive the maximum bonus amount of EUR25 – Play with EUR125
A deposit bonus will as well always include a wagering requirement. The wagering requirements may vary from 50x to as little as 1x, depending on your frequency and level of play!

General Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

When you make a deposit to claim a deposit bonus, we will match the deposit with a specified percentage and you will be able to play with it straight away. The matched percentage is always clearly stated before you claim a bonus.
You will play with the funds that you have deposited first and then the bonus money that has been added to your account.
You will not be able to withdraw your bonus funds until you have 'earned it' on the site. To do this you will have to wager the bonus funds. The bonus wagering requirements are always clearly stated before you claim a bonus.
You can always withdraw your cash balance. If you choose to make a withdrawal before you have converted your bonus to cash, any outstanding bonus money will be forfeited.
Table games and Video Poker generate a lower contribution to your bonus conversion. Our games contribute to bonuses in the following way:

  • Game Category Stake % Contribution
  • Slots* 100%
  • Table Games 10%
  • Video Poker 10%
  • All other games 100%
    *Bets placed on the following Slots will contribute 70% towards the wagering requirements:

Free Spin

Everyone loves Free Spins, but no one loves them more than us!
At Dreamz.com you can receive both completely Free “free spins” and deposit required free spins. Free “Free Spins” does not require any more action from you than to login and play them. Deposit required Free Spins always have a minimum deposit requirement tied to them before Free Spins can be used.

Our Free Spins come in many different shapes and sizes and listed below are the key things you should pay attention to when receiving a Free Spin offer:
Spin value: The bet value per spin, it can range between EUR 0.1 up to a crazy EUR100 per spin!
Number of spins: the amount of spins you get with the specified Spin value
Wagering requirement: Our Free Spins have wagering requirement ranging from 35x to non-at all!

General Bonus Terms and conditions

Cash rewards

A Cash reward is always free and gets added directly to your account balance. These should be considered as your own money and can be utilized directly for a withdrawal or for game-play.

Free Money Bonus

Free Money Bonuses are essentially cash rewards but with a wagering requirement. Amounts and wagering requirement varies.

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What are casino wagering requirements?

Wagering requirement is the multiplier of the received bonus amount that needs to be played in the casino before the bonus money converts to real sweet cash that can be withdrawn, or continued to play with.
In the example that you receive a bonus of EUR10 with a wagering requirement of 50x – you must bet EUR10 x 50 = EUR500 in the casino until the bonus wagering requirements are finished.
Our bonus wagering requirements are not there to trick or cheat you. We believe that you are using our services because you enjoy playing online casino, hence most of our bonuses have wagering requirements to promote game-play utilization. Occasionally we do reward our loyal and returning customers with bigger withdrawable cash rewards as well, especially during the holidays when activity peaks.

The Dreamz Bonus Manifesto

We at Dreamz.com we have an extensive number of years’ experience in the online casino industry and a controversial topic that has always been on the agenda is casino bonuses. 10-25% deposit bonuses were the first type of casino bonus that entered the online casino industry, they were the direct result of a heavy booming online poker industry where monthly cashback was very common.

How to reward casino players?

Monthly cashback was tried for Casino as well, but the problem was this didn't speak to the casino players. As a Casino player, you tend to prefer instant rewards when the time is right, it is not a game type that you generally play every day like poker. Casino is about feeling, perhaps once the kids are off to bed, economy is stable and you want to treat yourself to some you-time.

The low percent deposit bonuses were generally reserved to high-roller gamblers and it took some extra time before the common pleasure players saw the likes of it. The problem with bonuses was that they could easily be abused and the companies henceforth reserved these to known very active players – to counter this, entered the bonus wagering requirements!

How bonus wagering changed online casino

Overnight the casino landscape changed. Suddenly 50,100, even 200% casino deposit bonuses started to pop up everywhere, but this was still in the early days of casino and the “customers best” was not in the casino companies interests. A 100% match on your first deposit did sound great, but the bonuses were made so that it was basically almost impossible to win. 60x wagering requirement was standard, but 75x up to a 100x was not uncommon.

People were not as educated back then when it came to properly reading through the terms and conditions, hence the unfavourable concept could go along for quite some time. But as more and more people experienced the pleasure of winning, and then the frustration of not getting their winnings, casino players perception of bonuses changed to the negative.

Bonuses you can trust

This negative perception has persisted. Which is logical considering even though many casino sites today offer customer favourable wagering requirements, there are still bad boys out there! Trust us, we are not one of them.

Bonus wagering requirements are not a bad thing, if handled right. If you are the type of casino player that loves to play for very long sessions and potentially many days in a row, a higher wagering requirement can mean a higher bonus to play with. For those long-session players it basically doesn’t matter if the wagering is 10x or 100x, once you've finished playing the requirement has probably finished as well, we understand however that this is a very small niche of players.

So what do we wish to accomplish?

Our goal is to cater for all types of casino players and we believe that after your third deposit, we'll have a good idea of the experience you yourself is after.

The more you play the better we'll be able to cater for your individual preferences – whether it's receiving loads of lesser value Free Spins on many different games, fewer but big, chunky Deposit Bonuses or if you simply just don't like bonuses at all and prefer cash rewards plus an occasional free Pizza delivery. Our personalised bonus variations are close to limitless, what´s guaranteed is they´ll always be fair, tailored towards what you like and how much you play!