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Introduction to online slots

Let us not get ahead of ourselves by starting with what kind of slots we have available to you. Instead, let us linger a bit more on what online slots really are. caters to a whole lot of different types of players, which makes it really important for us to really establish a few key concepts before diving right into the nitty-gritty.

Before online slots burst onto the scene with the very first online casinos somewhere in the mid-90's, you could only play them at places devoted to gambling such as real-life brick-and-mortar casinos and game houses. During this period, it was not all that easy to get your hands on slots as you would have had to really get up off of your seat and plain old travel to your gaming destination. As a result, people from rural areas and smaller cities would have no contact whatsoever with slots, and most of us would never even hear or talk about them.

With the advent of online casinos and online slots, however, we can now enjoy the best games at the comfort of our own house—or on-the-go, thanks to our mobile devices! This has really made online slots flourish with millions of people playing and loving their favourite titles all over the world!

How to play online casino slots

The first-ever slots were also known as one-armed bandits since you actually had to pull a lever to begin your spin. The things truly have changed since then! Now you only have to use your cursor to press a button to start playing.

Even though slots online are rather simple from a technical point of view, you would do well in taking some things into consideration as well. One of the more important aspects would be choosing your bet.

A lot of of the best slots allow you to choose your bet from a plethora of options, but things are not always that easy. Since people around the world tend to use different currencies, the denominations can sometimes be somewhat strange to look at. With online slots, you usually have to choose both your coin value and your bet level. Many people think that these two scales will somehow drastically impact your gameplay and the amount of money that you can win, but it really is not that complex.

By balancing your bet level and your coin value, you can basically choose how you want your winnings to be displayed. Do you want to win thousands of low-value coins or would you rather receive just a few coins worth a lot? In essence, it is like choosing whether you would rather have your money paid to you in yen or in GBP! This is really the only question that you should ask yourself when choosing whether to change your bet level or you coin value.

Of course, choosing your bet level and your coin value will have an impact on your overall money wagered per spin. The old adage of “high risk, high reward” would apply here, meaning that the more you bet per spin, the more you might win.

Online slots strategies

While online slots are famous as well as notorious for being all about luck, there are still a few things that you can do to improve your odds of walking away with some nice winnings in your pocket. Namely, you can plan ahead and decide how much you want to win.

When playing casino slots, we sometimes tend to become very excited in the process. When luck is on our side and we win, we sometimes feel like we are invincible and have done something very right and extremely well. The fact of the matter is, however, that you should really cherish those moments of winning and never take things for granted. Thus, if you manage to win a lot of money, it would be good to have a plan of action in order to not let your feelings get the better of you.

Set limits to how much you want to win and how much you can afford to lose. This way, you will be better equipped when you finally hit that elusive jackpot!

Play slots for free

See some interesting slot machines at but are not sure whether you want to wager your money on them? We at Dreamz will always let you try even our bets slots free of charge. What this means is that you get to enjoy our slots, bonus features and all, without even putting your own money on the line. By doing this, you can actually get to know some of the most important aspects of the game and can essentially study how things work beforehand. This gives you a great opportunity to see whether you really want to try a cool looking game or not.

Different types of symbols

The common denominator for all online slots would be that you are staking your money and hoping for good symbol combinations to fall onto your screen. There are again a few things, however, that you should really know about the different types of symbols out there.

Basic symbols

Slot machines come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their symbols. Every slot machine will have its own set of symbols, which usually includes some low-valued symbols as well as premium symbols. Together, these symbols make up the basic symbols of any given slot.

Some of our players may have noticed that a lot of casino slots include some familiar symbols from a deck of cards. These are most often complimentary symbols that are used to give the player and idea of what symbols are the lowest in value. This helps you as the player to adjust your expectations when seeing a large batch of, for instance, J's (as in 'jacks') on your screen.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are very prominent in most modern online slots. These symbols will help you in creating more and better combinations as they will substitute for just about any other symbol much like a joker would in a deck of cards. The more wilds you have, the more of a chance you have to win big.

Also, we should note that wild symbols, too, come in many shapes and sizes. For example, some slots will give you so-called stacked wilds, which always appear on top of each other, often filling out a single reel at once. In addition to this, you have sticky wilds that will stick to your screen for at least an extra spin or two, making it easier for you win with them. And, to round things up, you have expanding wilds that will grow and expand onto other reels and other positions as well, and you have moving wilds, that will most often make their way from one side of your screen to the other before finally falling off the reels.

Some of the hottest slots at Dreamz will have all kinds of different wild features going on at the same time! Always feel free to try new games and experiment with them!

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are the actual coup de grâce of any online slots machine out there. This is due to the fact that these symbols will most often start the game's bonus feature!

You can usually tell what the slot's scatter symbol is by keeping your ears open. Most of the time, these symbols will arrive at the scene with loads of fanfare and sound effects to keep you on your toes. By getting enough of these symbols on your screen, you will get to access the game's bonus features. Oftentimes, three symbols will work, but do note that some games might require as many as four or five scatter symbols before they let you into the promised land.

The bonus features that you will access with your scatter bonuses can be pretty much anything, but the most important thing to remember here is that they are often the easiest or even the only way to the game's jackpot. You had better keep your eye on these symbols!

Good luck in playing online slots at

We have now gone through a lot of the basics of what it is to play your favourite slots online. Still, there is an incredible amount of things for you to find out for yourself as well.

We wish you good luck in finding the best and most exciting games for you!

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