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The Dreamz Bonus is created for the average casino player, utilizing fair terms and considering the average deposit amount in UK. Unlike many other online casinos we’ve purposely kept the first deposit bonus amount to a more realistic level, focusing more on fairness, rather than having a high amount which due to bonus wagering requirements is very hard to convert into withdrawable cash.

We double your first deposit up to a total of 100GBP plus over the course of 5 days we´ll also add a 100 free spins, full details can be found here.

First impression is everything for us here at Dreamz and if you are a higher level casino player you can be sure to receive proper rewards, reflecting your level of play, already on your first deposit. We´ve reserved the juicy and fun stuff to depend on your actual results and game preferences.

Dreamz casino bonus


From bonus games to deposit bonuses, bonus rounds to bonus drops. Online casino is almost synonymous to the word bonus, however a lot of unserious casino companies have given this great word somewhat of a bad reputation when used in the online casino context.

At Dreamz we take bonuses seriously, you trust us with depositing a share of your entertainment budget and a great way for us to repay that trust is by giving back generous and fair bonuses.

Deposit Bonus - UK

A Deposit Bonus offer includes a specified percentage (50%, 100%, 200%, etc.) which will be added as a bonus on top of your deposit. Quite simple really, an example could be a deposit bonus of 50% up to £100, if you deposit a bit less than the maximum amount, say £50 and claim the deposit bonus. You will get 50% extra -> 50 deposit + £25 bonus = £75 to play with.

After claiming a deposit bonus, the deposit amount used will be locked to the bonus and can not be withdrawn from Dreamz until the bonus wagering requirements have been fulfilled. Wagering requirements varies depending on your activity, level of play and bonus history and are always clearly specified in the bonus info.

Your first Deposit Bonus is available directly on your first deposit and it is a 100% match up to £200, with 45x in bonus wagering requirement. Click here for more information.

No Deposit Casino Bonus - UK players

As you will notice, playing at Dreamz Casino is a personalized journey in many ways. Even when it comes to bonuses. No deposit bonuses can suddenly appear from nowhere, as a happy suprpise. We aim to give our players what they want. Our sophisticated bonus system will adjust and grant you bonus offers based on what you prefer as a player. So a no deposit bonus at dreamz.com

Deposit bonuses are recommended for those occasions when you plan to play a bit longer than average, or as a kick-off boost if you want to try and win one of our competitions. Wagering requirements takes a while to play through, so limit the use of deposit bonuses for when you have the allocated time.

Deposit Boosts

Deposit Boosts works exactly as a deposit bonuses but with a major difference, the bonus wagering requirement is only 1x! These Boosts are reserved only to active and loyal customers and usually comes with a slightly lower percentage match than its counterpart.

Free spins Bonus - UK players

Free spins bonuses gives you a number of spins on specified slots for free. These bonuses are great to use for trying out a new slot or to get some free entertainment when your cash flow is low.

Winnings made from free spins includes a bonus wagering requirement, unless specified otherwise. These bonus funds however does not lock any of your real money account balance. All our free spins offers are personalised based on your individual activity and there are a multitude of different free spin bonus variations. Click here for full details of our free spin bonuses.

To get your hands on 20 free spins, all you need to do is register a free account! Make your first deposit and we´ll drop you another 180 free spins, split into 20 free spins over 9 days.

Deposit required free spins
Free spins are awesome and we prefer to give them out for free, especially to our active and loyal customers. Occasionally though we will give you free spins offers that requires a deposit amount to activate.

The deposit will not be locked to your free spin bonus wagering requirement, but it does need to be utilized for game-play and played through minimum 3 times, as with any deposit made into Dreamz.

The beauty of these deposit required free spin bonus offers is that you can play with your deposit first, win or lose on the games you usually play. The actual free spin bonus can be activated from your valuable section later, either giving you a second chance to win or an additional chance to collect more winnings. Or you can activate the free spins directly and get an extra big bankroll to play with.

Learn more on Free spins bonuses here!

Cash spins Bonus

Regular free spins but any winnings made from them are directly converted to real withdrawable cash, reserved for loyal customers.

Free Money Bonus

A Free Money Bonus is a fixed bonus amount with wagering requirement that we add to your account, no deposit required. Once the wagering requirement has been fulfilled, your free money bonus converts into real withdrawable cash!

Cash Bonus

Pure, sweet cash that can be used as you please! Play, withdraw or save. The cash are yours to do with as you please, because you deserve it.


All casino bonuses except the ‘Cash Bonus’ and ‘Cash spins’ includes a clearly specified bonus wagering requirement. Taking the 100% up to £100 Dreamz welcome deposit bonus as an example;

This bonus requires a deposit which we will add 100% extra on - with other words we double it.
To get the maximum bonus of 100, a minimum deposit of £100 is required - which mean you will have a total of £200 to play with.

It is not possible to withdraw the £200 directly, otherwise it would essentially mean that 10 million Swedes could login to Dreamz and claim £100 for free, a total cost of £1 billion for us. Instead the bonus and deposit is temporarily locked with what we call the bonus wagering requirement.
To complete the bonus wagering requirement you have to play casino, which is what you hopefully already came here to do! The welcome bonus wagering requirement is 45x the bonus amount: 45 x £100 = £4,500 in total casino bets needed before the bonus funds are converted to withdrawable cash.

Always check the bonus wagering requirement before claiming a Dreamz bonus, it is personalised based on your type of play and usually much less than the 45x tied to the welcome bonus offer.

Wagering contribution on different games

The casino welcome bonus is meant to be utilized for slots gameplay. Hence play activity on video poker, table games or live casino contributes less towards the bonus wagering requirement, please also take note that there are a few slots with different bonus wagering contribution for the welcome bonus specifically:

Our games contribute to Casino bonuses in the following way:
Slots - 100%*
Table Games - 10%
Video Poker - 10%
All other games - 100%

*Bets placed on the following Slots will contribute 70% towards the wagering requirements: 1429 Uncharted Seas, Blood Suckers, Dead or Alive, Supernova, Simsalabim and Devils Delight.

*Bets placed on the following Slots have a zero contribution to the wagering requirement: Forsaken Kingdom, Pearls of India, Kings of Chicago, Zombies and Robin Hood - Shifting Riches and Wishmaster.


We, the people behind Dreamz have collectively worked with online casino numerous years, mixed between various roles in successful startups and the biggest casino companies. At the same time we have frequently been gambling our share of casino ourselves, working with your favourite hobby is sweet.

Dreamz was created to change the playfield for online casino and show what creativeness combined with passion and latest technology can accomplish.

This is reflected in everything that we do, including our bonuses. As the first truly personalised gambling company we have something to offer all types of players and this is just the beginning of new innovation. Be part of our journey from start, we will never forget about the loyal customers who helped kick us off.


At Dreamz we believe in rewarding loyal customers. We want to build a relationship, trust and a place where you feel welcome. Although we have, at least according to ourselves :), incredible plans for the future, with lots of exciting feature roll-outs for you as a potential loyal customer to anticipate, we can already today offer a personalised casino product unlike anything you might have encountered before.

Dreamz is the first online casino with an inbuilt bonus system that actually caters for loyalty and not only how much you play for. We don´t believe in static loyalty points exchanges, instead we want to learn who you specifically are, understand what gives you the thrill when it comes to playing online and reward you accordingly.

As a Dreamer you´ll also have the chance to form an important part in our product development, through taking part in exclusive releases, voting on the best features and get rewarded for giving feedback - your input matters and will help us additionally in our quest to create the best casino product online.


Do you have one favorite game or like to test your way around to see which games are currently hot? Do you play for high or micro stakes? Do you simply hate bonuses, but wouldn't mind getting free withdrawable cash? Perhaps your preferences when it comes to bonuses even changes depending on what time of the month or year it is?

One of Dreamz core focuses is to personalise your reward scheme to solely give relevant and timely offers and rewards. Through vast experience within the online casino industry, we believe we can do precisely that! But of course, first we need to get to know you, the more you take part in the world of Dreamz the better we can understand what drives you and we expect to have plenty of mutual fun whilst building this relationship.

Everyone is a VIP at Dreamz Casino

Receiving top-class, personalised service has for a long time been exclusive to the top gamblers within the online casino industry and Dreamz are here to break the norm. When it comes to bonuses you can always expect generous and personally tailored offers, which extent historically has been an exclusive service to dedicated VIPs.

Even if you are a big highroller you can expect a personalised bonus journey unlike anything you've previously encountered, with a promise from us to only receive bonuses that reflects your actual level of play. As a proper VIP, this is only one of the perks you can anticipate as a Dreamz customer, have a look at our highroller page for more information!


Tired of getting spammed by online casinos? Fret not, you can simply unsubscribe from the other casino sites now and let Dreamz cater for your bonus offers going forward :)

We take marketing relevance extremely serious, and although we might need some time to understand your ideal frequency of bonus offers and choice of bonuses, our number one goal is that any offer received from us should feel highly personal and relevant.

The vast majority of our bonuses are activated in real time, already waiting to surprise you in the valuable section after login, or triggered whilst you are playing. Ideally we won´t send you any offers via email or SMS at all, we reserve these for if we really miss you or have something extra neat in store.


In the slots world there are many various bonus features found inside the games. These are not like the bonus offers received from Dreamz, but usually the parts of a slot which makes it truly exciting!

Dreamz features the best and user friendliest game categorisation filter online, so that you can easily find new and old favorites. Have a look at our top in-game bonus features below for a taste:

Bonus Games

Slots bonus games are usually pick and win based mini-games triggered by collecting 3 or more bonus symbols whilst playing. These provide nice low to medium win boosts, allowing you to extend your bankroll in order to get into an alternative in-game feature that usually contains the real juicy prices. Although there are exceptions, Hall of Gods for example has a bonus game including 3 jackpots, where the biggest Mega jackpot has seriously changed a few lives.

Find a complete summary of all slots featuring bonus games, including our top 3 Bonus Games slot recommendation

Bonus Wheels

Who doesn't love a classic bonus wheel? Us dreamers for sure spend a few bucks at the chocolate wheel at every amusement park visit. Slots do have them to, the most famous ones are possibly the extremely popular jackpot games Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams.

An alternative wheel can be found in the live casino lobby, the live streamed Dream catcher wheel from evolution provides a new and unique take on online live streamed gaming and can be really entertaining as a side game.

For a full summary and top 3 game recommendations check below:

Bonus Bets

The Bonus Bets slot machines are growing rapidly in popularity as they provide an extra dimension to the game play. Bonus Bets commonly provides the option to increase your chances of hitting other special features whilst playing or simply adding special bonus modes which are not available if you just bet with the regular stake.

The Bonus Bets slots are recommended for more experienced players as they can easily get very expensive - in other words, be careful when utilizing the bonus bets feature and at the same time prepare for a very exciting ride!

For a full summary and top 3 game recommendations check below: