Secret of the Stones

Secret of the Stones Slot

This Stonehenge inspired slot offers a simplicity to the main game that we appreciate. It’s easy to separate the high paying colourful symbols from the lower paying ones in gray.

In this review we’ll tell you all about the best feature combination you can pick in the Free Spins feature in order to get the optimal big win combination.

Free Spins round

A great deal of the winnings in this game has been allocated in the one and only feature that is a packed Free Spins bonus. You need to collect three or more red and golden ‘SCATTER’ symbols anywhere across the reels in order to win the Free Spins.

For each ‘SCATTER’ symbol you have found, you’ll be entitled to unfold the secrets that are hidden under one of the stones. One ‘SCATTER’ equals one more turned stone.

As soon as you have won the Free Spins bonus you’ll be entitled to 10 completely free spins in the game with the same bet amount that you paid during the spin where the three or more scatters triggered the feature.

However, under each and every stone you are allowed to unfold, the ancient druid has hidden an additional little goodie for you. Some of them can turn the screen to a winning frenzie and we have listed them all from top to bottom in our preference order below.

Sticky expanding wild reels

This is one of our all time favourites! The entire reel in the slot machine is now locked in a frozen state during the entire Free Spin feature with ALL three symbols replaced with wilds.

In Secret of the Stones you can unlock sticky expanding wilds on both reel 2 as well as reel 4. Needless to say, the combination of the two open up possibilities for quite a thrilling Free Spin ride!

Replacing wild symbols

During the bonus game you may unlock up to two extra wild symbols besides the standard wilds that can be found in the regular game.


These genius little symbols ensure you enable a multiplied win for each spin that hits a winning combination during the Free Spins feature.

You start the bonus round without a multiplier but can win up to FOUR (x4) times multipliers activated for the entire round. Juicy!

Example: A normal win that would have paid 5 times your stake during without a multiplier will pay you 15 times your stake with a three time (x3) multiplier activated.


The wild substitutes for all symbols on a winning payline and another positive thing about this game is that the Scatter symbols have been removed from the Free Spins. This means that they will stay out of the way and won’t block your newly replaced wild symbols, nor the standard ones. We like!

Extra Free Spins

You can win up to a total of 28 extra Free Spins during the same bonus round.

The ultimate combination?

So, you do of course wonder what’s the ultimate set of features to find under one and the same Free Spin round? Well, we can tell for sure. But we do believe that the ultimate winning combo is the following:

  • Multiplier x4
  • Sticky expanding wilds on reel 2 and 4
  • 10 extra free spins

Let’s be honest, these doesn’t come around every so often, you probably have to grind for a while and also catch a fair share of luck in order to get such a juicy combination of features at once. And even when you do, you are for sure not guaranteed to bring home the bacon. But with that said, this combination is normally paying up WHEN it occurs. And then it most often pays up big time!