Moon Princess

Moon Princess slot game review

Ah the nineties! The online casino slot Moon Princess from game provider PlayNGo should probably had been called the Sailor Moonslot if it wasn't for trademarks reason, but the Sailor Moon theme is unmistakable.

For those unfamiliar with the concept it is all about girls, moons and individual superpowers! Everything you need to make a successful casino slot machine. We made this review to help you navigate around all the features and take full advantage of the moon powers hidden within.

Girl Power

Moon Princess consist of a 5x5 grid slot where 3 moon princesses helps you in your quest to clear out all 25 symbols from the grid and activate the Free Spins bonus.

The 3 princesses goes under the names Love, Star and Storm - they can operate both by themselves and together as a group.

All come with their very own special feature which triggers randomly only on non-winning spins and you can easily distinguish which Moon princess ability is next up by looking whom of the girls displays to the right of the grid.

Love´s special ability

Love will randomly select one symbol and transform that one into another. This can be extremely useful if she picks a lesser symbol and transforms it into any of the princesses.

Star´s special ability

Star adds up to 2 moon wilds anywhere on the grid and wilds we can never get to many of!

Storm´s special ability

Storm has the best ability of them all, she will randomly pick and destroy two sets of any symbol, usually clearing up a lot of the grid.

Moon Princess slot mechanics

As mentioned the ultimate goal of Moon Princess is to clear out all grids. Besides getting help from the princesses this is achieved by matching 3 or more symbols in a horizontal or vertical line, until all symbols have been cleared away.

Any winning combination of 3 symbols will create a Moon wild in its middle, the other symbols will be destroyed hence opening up for new winning combinations to be made. For each win combination drop the multiplier increases by 1, it can go up as high as 20 times extra as a multiplier on all winnings which is absolutely massive!

The 3 princesses each have their own symbol, but what is truly great is that they all match together and whilst doing so, they power up the Trinity bar!

The Princess Trinity

When the Moon princesses achieves trinity all hell is about to break lose, or at least that was how we confusedly perceived it the first time we triggered it. But do not get us wrong, Trinity is a very good thing!

The Trinity bar has 3 sections to fill. It can be filled instantly by matching 5 Moon princesses in a row. 4 princesses fills 2 sections and 3 princess symbols will fill 1 section. Once activated you will get the power of three Moon features on your next spin, triggered by a no-win the princesses will trigger their own special ability one by one in the order of Love, Star and ultimately Storm.

Besides very commonly creating sweet Big Wins this is also the most likely time to activate the absolutely amazing bonus mode that the Moon Princess slot has to offer!

Free Spins on Moon Princess

To activate Free Spins the whole grid must be cleared from all standard symbols, the exception being Moon wilds which is not counted as a standard symbol. All accumulated multipliers from the main game will remain and increase during the Free Spins and this is what makes this bonus game particularly extraordinary.

Before the Free Spins starts however, it is important to pick the right Princess to assist you! Their unique special ability remains, but they come with a different number of Free Spins and if Trinity is reached during the Free Spins Bonus, they also reward different number of extra spins per Trinity!

We have tried all the different Free Spin options several times so that you don't have to, this is what we have got to say about them all.

4 Love Princess Free Spins

The Love princess gives 4 Free Spins to start with and an additional 4 Free Spins if Trinity is reached. With its special ability transforming one random symbol into another this can potentially give you a lot of extra Spins, big wins through matching princesses and pump the multiplier all the way up to 20 - easily.

However it is first of all, like all Moon princess features only triggered by no win initial spins and for Free Spins to retrigger you kind of have to be lucky that the Love princess choose to transform a symbol into any of the princess symbols. If not, those 4 Free Spins will be played through super quick and you'll be left hanging with a minimal Free Spin bonus return.

5 Star Princess Free Spins

This option offers 5 initial Free Spins, 3 extra Free spins whenever Trinity is reached and uses the Star Princess special ability of randomly assigning 1-2 wild Moons on the grid. This ability should definitely help get the multiplier going which essentially is crucial to make the most out of this Free bonus game.

But it is extremely important that Trinity is reached at least once, rewarding 3 extra spins for this option to become successful and the random moons are not always ideal to help with this, they do however accumulate more wins on average than the others.

8 Storm Princess Free Spins

Offers 8 Free Spins, 2 extra spins upon Trinity and the Storm princess´s special ability of destroying 2 of the lesser symbols. The backdraw with this ability is that it destroys a lot of symbols which can then not be used for accumulating wins and multipliers. However it does help clearing the grid away with the lesser paying symbols, paving way for Trinity and big juicy princess combinations!

What strategy do we suggest?

If your multiplier is around 8+ when entering the Free Spin Bonus we recommend the Storm Princess mode. Lots of spins, great chances of retriggering extra spins and lots of princess symbol combinations - it is by far the safest bonus option of the 3.

Love and Star Princess Bonuses can turn out fantastic though, it is all about being lucky with the Trinity Extra Spins and getting that multiplier up to the maximum 20. All bonus modes have an extreme potential due to the insanely high total multiplier possibility and if this is utilized a Mega Big Win (Won with Star Princess mode) like the below is almost a guarantee!