Jack Hammer 2

Jack Hammer 2 slot game review

The sequel to NetEnt´s popular cartoon based slot Jack Hammer. With an unusually high number of win-combinations (99 of them, actually) from left to right, a huge max win of 990,000 coins and its inventive Sticky Win feature, Jack Hammer 2 has the potential of knocking the original of the throne.

In this review we’ll you more about all game functionality and special features, check it out below!


Jack Hammer once again face his nemesis Don Crabby and the lovely heroine Pearl gets caught in the crossfire. When Pearl is kidnapped by Don Crabby and his goons during her latest performance, Jack Hammer takes the fight to Crabby´s harbor headquarters with nothing more than his bare fists and secret electrical eel weapon. Each stage is a Wild encounter but with his 99 fist moves and 1 eel Jack Hammer is certain to prevail!

Sticky Wins

Like any regular video slot you need three matching symbols on a bet line to cash in a win on Jack Hammer 2. But unlike regular slots Jack Hammer 2´s unique Sticky Win feature makes the reels continue to spin over and over again, in a continuous attempt to try and increase the number of matching symbols.

As long as you add at least one symbol in a winning line during the Sticky Wins it will re-spin.
Together with the sticky wilds this means you can accumulate some serious big wins even outside of the bonus game, making Jack Hammer 2 one of the most popular slots for the high roller player.

Free Spins and random wilds

To trigger the Free Spins you need at least 5 Free Spin symbols, however three is sufficient to trigger the Sticky win feature, effectively increasing your chances of triggering the much sought after Free Spin Bonus game! Five Free Spin symbols will reward you with 10 Free Spins, whilst eight or more symbols gives you a massive 20 Free Spins.

Not only do the Free Spins reward double on all winnings. There are also Random Wilds added in addition to the regular wild symbols. Many insane wins have therefore been made from Jack Hammer 2 and its 990,000 coin max win!

Is this slot for me?

This is a game with medium to medium-high volatility. If you manage your bankroll with care and don’t bet over your limits, you’re likely to have a good time here if you enjoy a good time without too extreme ups and downs during your Jack Hammer 2 session.

The 99 paylines opens up the table for many fairly frequent smaller wins that keeps you afloat. Hopefully you’ll catch some luck and match up the 5 Free Spin symbols for a proper boost!

Should you feel that the game has a too soft payout flow for your liking, we can strongly recommend to check out the games section and the Yggdrasil slot Winter Berries. This game has a much more hardcore profile but a much similar payout percentage and game features. You’ll find both the sticky wins as well as the jacked up Free Spin round here.