Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance slot game review

This is Microgaming’s number one blockbuster slot of all time, and it’s not hard to understand why!
This mysteriously dark vampire drama is packed to the brim with unique bonus games and free spins features. However, the true big win generator is not one of the scatter-triggered bonus games. Learn more in this quick guide to all of the Immortal Romance slot chapters!

Immortal Romance bonus features

The most important thing to grasp in this slot is that you continually level up within the actual game, and thereby unlock new bonus game features in the so called ‘chamber of spins”.

Each time you collect 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere across the reels, you’ll trigger a new bonus game.

For each bonus game you win, you’ll proceed to climb the horisontal ladder on top of the game in order to unlock new bonus features.

These achievements and all your progress with unlocked bonus features are saved in the online casino you are playing at. This means that you can pick up exactly where you left off whenever you feel like playing the Immortal Romance slot again. As you unlock new bonus features, you can choose your favourite one after the bonus game has been triggered.

This slot was truly bringing something new to the scene when it was initially released, and still manages to keep us players glued to the adventure still today. As far as we know, this is a top 20 slot game at any given european online casino out there!

What bonus game in Immortal Romance is best?

Many online casino players seem to prefer the Amber bonus where they historically have collected nice winnings with some solid wild symbol combinations. Worth mentioning as well that this is the bonus game in Immortal Romance where you actually can hit a retrigger and be awarded with additional spins!

Second place amongst many seem to be the Sarah feature, which is tough to unlock but offers both high win potential and exciting soundtrack!

Win big on Immortal Romance slot

Even if the bonus rounds are really awesome and innovative in this game, this is - surprisingly - not where we’ve seen the absolutely biggest wins on Immortal Romance.

The real money maker here has been the Wild Desire feature that is triggered completely randomly in the base game!

You’ll hit the spin button and the wheels starts spinning as usual, but they won’t stop to settle the bet just as fast. Instead you’ll see a blood-inspired flow initiating above the reels and then drop down to cover and entire reel with a stacked wild!

Considering that this is a 243 payline slot, this opens up the paytable for a massive amount of nice win combinations.

It’s very rare to hit all 5 reels with win symbols, and we’ve never actually spoken to anyone who’s managed to hit this jackpot-like combination. However we’ve managed to hit the game with 4 stacked wild out of 5 possible, which paid out nicely over 2000 times the stake. Pretty juicy!

Is Immortal Romance for me?

Compared to other games where we are a bit more careful to recommend them to just any type of player, we do feel pretty sure confident in our recommendation here!

A little reservation for two things. The first one is that this is a high volatility game after all, even if the 243 paylines opens up for a lot of nice payback also in the main game. The second is that you can’t be afraid of the dark! This is a nicely designed vampire game where a few blood-inspired illustrations occur, so perhaps not for the faint hearted when it comes to these things!