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Dreamz Live Casino - the best of two worlds - play table games against real dealers online.

It is an almost dreamlike state to enter a casino for the first time. It doesn't even have to be Las Vegas, a decent land based Casino is going to capture you anywhere in the world. Visitors walk on soft carpets in dim light, surrounded by a muffled symphony of sounds: the humming of the roulette, the ringing of the slot machines, the rustling of cards being shuffled at the blackjack table, the commands of the croupiers, the click-clack of chips.
If there is something that the casino industry excelled from the start, it's creating first class, time and time again surprising and exciting experiences.

As technology is ramping on, it is now our turn to create unforgettable casino experiences. Nowadays it's online where your dreams can come true, anytime and wherever you like, at home or on when commuting. For all of you who miss the special feeling of a landbased casino, who long for the style, the fun with the other players and the croupier’s humorous banter when gambling alone online, but also appreciate the comfort of the digital world: we have great news! Live Casino is going to offer you the best of both worlds.

How does Live Casino work?

Live Casino uses video-streaming to invite you to a casino studio. In the studio, you’re welcomed by real professional dealers and croupiers, sitting at real game tables. You can interact with them by using the software that is provided for your visit in the Live Casino, f.ex. via chat. Since Live Casino requires the staff to be actually there, some games are scheduled for certain times. However, don't worry, you won't have any trouble finding a open slot at a table here at Dreamz where you can choose between a great variety of table games.

The people you play with in a live Casino aren’t computer-controlled but real people and live connected from the studio. Anyone who prefers humans to computer-controlled randomization can cheer up, because in Live Casino your luck at the Roulette or Blackjack table lies in the experienced hands of a real-life dealer. The mathematical rules and game statistics applied are the same as in your local landbased casino, however the game environment is software based. Wages and game activities happen in real-time, so you’ll be right there and see if with your own eyes, when the cards turn in favor for your bankroll. All these things add up to a very genuine casino experience and let you forget that you’re at home. As you know it from other online gambling services, all the wages, transactions and payments will be handled easily and safely through your casino account.

Advantages of Live Casino - Dreamz.com

There is a number of reasons, why Live Casino is a great alternative to both landbased casinos and computer generated table games. See here for Dreamz very own collection:


Live Casino truly capture the essence of casino. To play against real dealers, side by side with other casino players, takes the whole casino experience to a whole new level. To be able to watch the dealers shuffling, dealing and turning the cards or rolling the roulette ball in real-time - It truly gives you a genuine feeling that you actually standing in land-based casino.


Live Casino puts an end to lonely online gambling! You’ll never again sit lonely in front of turning slots, but meet people in the Live Casino that want the same as you do: have a good time at the game table and take their chances on the big win!


Let's be honest, even when you’re very curious, the threshold, to put on a suit and tie or a fancy dress and enter a stylish Casino, can be quite high. Some shy away from this and therefore stay without the unforgettable experience of a sparkling night at a casino. A pity, isn't it? Thankfully, Live Casino provides the perfect opportunity for beginners to sneak peak into the casino world without great effort or commitment.


Minimum wages at Online Live Casino are considerably lower than in the landbased original. Quite often you will be allowed to start with a wage of less than 1€. This way you can practice your play and get to know the different games without taking high risks.

Dreamz Live Casino

The Dreamz Live Casino turns your living room into one of the famous venues in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macao. We pride ourselves in offering a top-selection of Live Casino Studios and Online Dealers while aiming to be always at least one step ahead of our competitors. Since the production costs of a live Casino are high, most studios only offer the most popular games, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat or Sic Bo.
Furthermore, Dreamz.com provided you with double the Casino game variations than available in any landbased Casino and offers loyalty rewards that makes Vegas turn pale.

Dreamz personal Live Casino Lobby

Our Casino Lobby is equipped to cater for every type of player out there, so they would always find exactly what they are looking for. To get started, just navigate to the Live Casino that appeals most to you. This is also where Information on the games schedule are displayed.

So, what are you waiting for?