Free Spins


Dreamz free spins for casino players in the UK - a personalised dream.
Playing online casino is pure entertainment and spinning for free makes it even better!
At Dreamz we put a lot of effort into our customers individual preferences and that is extra apparent when it comes to our free spin bonus rewards!

Dreamz free spins


Before we dive into detail on the fantastic Dreamz free spins, if you are new to online casino you might ask, what exactly are free spins?

Free spins are a type of casino bonus reward we offer, that gives a chance to play a number of free spins on one or more specified slot/s, offering the chance to win real money without risking anything yourself.


Just like when you play on any slot for your own deposited money, you can modify the total stake per spin, where a higher stake naturally means higher payout on wins.

As a general rule most online casinos only give out free spins with the lowest value, usually worth £0.1 per spin, this way they can give out a larger number of free spins. The big backside of this is that for players who prefer playing for a higher stake, approximately 80% of all online casino players, spinning say 100 of these micro value free spins tends to get extremely unexciting.


At Dreamz we take a different approach. Our free spin rewards are always segmented based on the individual players level of play. If a loyal customer plays with an average stake of £1 per spin, that stake size will be reflected in the free spin rewards offered from us.

In fact, our machine learning bonus engine will continuously optimize your different bonus rewards based on how you react on previous offers. Ultimately it might turn out that even though you generally bet for £1 per spin, when it comes to free spin rewards, you prefer receiving A LOT of free spins worth less, at Dreamz we are all about our customers individual preferences.


Not only does our bonus engine take in consideration your level of play, we also care about what you play! Whether you have one or three favorite games, or perhaps love trying out hundreds of slots, as we learn more about your individual playing preferences this will be reflected in the bonuses, promotions and news that you will receive.


Instead of communicating the number of spins offered, we are transparent with the actual value of the total free spin bonus.

100 free spins worth £0.1 per spin = Actual bonus value £10
25 free spins worth £1 per spin = Actual bonus value £25


The most efficient way to ensure that you will receive many free spin bonus offers, is to:
Use the free spin bonus offers that we give out
Engage in the Dreamz world: Take part in surveys, write game reviews, bubble up!
Be loyal

But the absolute easiest way to get your hands on some free spins is to register a free account.

Free spins on registration

As we are immensely proud of Dreamz including having a best in class mobile product, our vast and filterable game offering, our extremely swift response and loading time, plus much much more - we give away £2.5 worth of free spins for any newcomer that want to try us out. All you need to do is register a free account!

Free Spin Bonus Wagering Requirement

Like everything else on Dreamz, our free spin bonus wagering requirements are different depending on your level of play. Simply put, the more loyal you are, the lower the wagering requirements tied to a bonus offer. For the most loyal there are simply no wagering requirements at all!

Bonus wagering requirements is the amount of times you have to stake your winnings. Taking our registration free spins as an example, which have a bonus wagering requirement of 25x. If you win £10 from the free spins, you need to bet £250 (£10 x 25) in the casino, before the free spin bonus is converted into real withdrawable cash.


Certain game suppliers have unique types of free spin bonuses which we reserve to our loyal, revisiting customers.

Win Spins

Currently an exclusive free spin bonus type available on Yggdrasil slots. Win Spins offers a guaranteed win for the player up to a minimum specified amount. For example Win Spins worth £10 will let you play for free, until you have won £10 at the very least, this means you could also win £100 as long as the winning spin happens before the £10 limit is reached.

Thrill Spins

Currently an exclusive free spin bonus type available on Yggdrasil slots. Thrill spins offers guaranteed wins for the player with volatility higher than Win Spins. Play for free until you hit a specified win in a single spin. For example Thrill Spins worth £10 will let you accumulate winnings until 1 win exceeds the £10 single win limit.

Hit Spins

Currently an exclusive free spin bonus type available on Yggdrasil slots. Hit Spins are amazing as they let you spin for free until you enter the main bonus game of the specified slot. It could take 1 spin or 1000 and then you are guaranteed the pleasure of playing the bonus round of the game, all winnings made before and during the bonus game are yours to keep!

Flexible Free Rounds

Currently an exclusive free spin bonus type available on Quickspin slots. In true Dreamz spirit, flexible free round free spins gives you as a player the choice to choose number of rounds and value per bet, based on a fixed bonus value amount:


In-game free spins is a bonus feature used by many various slots. It is not a reward from us at Dreamz like the free spin examples above, but a feature included in many slots, usually forming the core of that specific game. Usually free spin bonus features are triggered in-game through hitting 3 or more scattered symbols within the slot and it is one of the most popular bonus modes found in casino slots.

What games offer in-game free spins?

You can find a complete summary of all slots that have an in-game free spin bonus within our game lobby. There are more than 15 different game feature summaries that you can filter games on within the Dreamz lobby. So if you know what you are looking for in a slot, make sure to utilize our dynamic filters and perhaps find your new favorite!