Raise your hand if you have ever dreamed of winning a true jackpot and stamping your ticket to the club reserved only for the rich! Most of us have actually thought about these things long and hard and can instantly come up with a list of things that we would buy and do if we happened to win a few million pounds. It is a scenario that the majority of us have thought about, and some people even love to keep playing with the thought over and over again.

As far as online casinos are concerned, there are not that many games out there that could even potentially net you those millions. Most ordinary slots only go as far as letting you win a few thousand—that is, if you are extremely lucky! However, there are also online casino games whose top prizes go way up and can even reach millions and millions of pounds!

It is obviously no easy feat to bring a jackpot game to its knees and win yourself a lifetime of cash. Still, this is something quite a few people in the history of jackpot slots have been able to accomplish. It is a lot like winning the national lottery: your odds might be slim to none, but there are still those lucky ones out there that manage to take the cake and bring home the money.

How does it work?

Now that we know what could be at stake, it is time to go deeper into how it all works.

The basic idea of any jackpot slot is that the potential win or wins keep on growing. Every time that a player makes a bet on any of the jackpot games that are linked together, the top prize goes up a tiny bit. This way, it is actually the players' own bets that make up the ultimate prize pool awarded for the lucky winner. As with each and every online slot out there, it is the losing parties that ultimately “pay for the fun” so that the lucky ones can enjoy their eventual win. Not every single person can win the jackpot, and there is nowhere where it is more evident than with progressives.

Different types of jackpot games

While most jackpot games out there are slots with enhanced top wins, there are some other types of jackpot games as well. For instance, you can even find kenos and video pokers with a progressive jackpot on the line. Winning the top prize here could require you to come up with an all-spade royal flush or with keno numbers that are in a certain formation. Needless to say that winning the jackpot here will definitely require as much luck as with the many jackpot slots out there.

Below we are going to be presenting you with three different types of progressive jackpots found at Dreamz.com.

Single slot jackpots

Sometimes online casinos will have a single jackpot meant for a single game. What this means is that the only way to win this game's jackpot is by playing this one slot in particular. Makes sense, right? With these jackpot games, the jackpots tend to be on the smaller side of the spectrum and they will grow slower than with games with shared jackpots.

Linked jackpots

Sometimes online casinos will have one particular jackpot that grows each time that people play a set of progressives at the casino. Here you can go for the the same jackpot by choosing any one of the linked jackpot games. No need to play only one game all the time!

Network jackpots

Finally, network jackpots are where the big money lies. These progressive jackpots are shared among all of the casinos in the world that have the same game at their disposal. For instance, you will find Microgaming's Mega Moolah at Dreamz.com and you can compete with all the other people in the world enjoying this popular slot at their respective locations. With a huge number of players playing these games at any given time, the jackpots will often reach utterly monstrous heights. By scoring one of these jackpots, you as the player could very well be set for life.

One game, many jackpots

It is not that uncommon for a jackpot slot to actually have many jackpots to offer. One of the most popular jackpot games out there is NetEnt's Mega Fortune Dreams, where you actually have three different jackpots to grab. The way that you can win these jackpots here is by first scoring three or more scatters on an active payline. When this happens, you will be taken to a screen with a large wheel of fortune in front of you. This wheel has several inner rims and you as the player are hoping to get to the very centre of the wheel.

As you inch closer to the centre, you have both some ordinary coin prizes as well as three separate jackpots for you to win. The so-called Rapid Jackpot will usually be a few hundred or thousand pounds, whereas the Major Jackpot could be closer to one-hundred thousand pounds. The Mega Jackpot, on the other hand, could be as much as a couple of million pounds! However, as this is a progressive slot, these different jackpots can differ quite a lot.

Not all about the jackpots

A lot of online casino customers tend to think that jackpot games are all about going for the big win and never about just having fun and trying to win some extra cash. We are happy to say that this is a misconception and could not be further from the truth. Just because you want to keep your options open and are playing jackpot slots does not mean that you cannot also walk away with some other decent wins.

Some people might shun away from jackpot games thinking that the odds of winning millions are too slim for them to even bother. However, even if this might be the case, these slots still tend to offer a lot of excitement and room for plenty of other wins as well. Games such as Divine Fortune and Hall of Gods are actually extremely entertaining in their own right whether you win a jackpot or not. The win structure is rarely all about the jackpot.

Dreamz's jackpot casino

We at Dreamz.com have wanted to separate our jackpots into three categories based on their size.

Mega Jackpot

Are you eyeing those millions of pounds? Try our Mega Jackpots slots on for size! Here you will be playing for the biggest online casino jackpots known to man.

Big Jackpot

Instead of always going for the biggest of jackpots, why not try your luck with jackpots that are worth five to six figures? Our Big Jackpot Games such as King Cashalot await you here!

Mini Jackpot

Mini jackpots might not sound all that tempting, but the fact of the matter is that it is a lot easier to score a four-figure jackpot than it is to get your hands on those elusive seven to eight figures. Granted, winning these will be rather tricky as well, but the odds are still better than with all the Major Jackpots available!

Jackpot Slots at Dreamz.com

That just about sums up what we have to say about jackpot games and slots alike. We wish you the best of luck, no matter what kind of wins you will be going after at Dreamz jackpot casino!

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