Legend of the Golden Monkey

Legend of the Golden Monkey slot game review

An epic tale about the legendary Golden Monkey from the feature savvy online casino slot provider Yggdrasil. This online slot has among many features, a total of 3 different Free Spin Bonus modes!

This review is focused on helping you figure out which of the 3 to choose for maximum return and entertainment

Free Spins on Legend of the Golden Monkey

In order to choose one of the three Free Spin Bonus modes it must first be won. This can be done in two ways, either winning it from the random Treasure chest symbol or by getting 3 or more Free Spin Symbols.

The Free Spin symbols can appear on any of the five reels; 3 symbols activates the Free Spins, 4 Free Spin symbols will additionally reward 1000 coins and 5 Free Spin symbols will reward an extra 5000 coins.

3 Free Spin Modes to choose from

The different Free Spin modes have a different amount of Free Spins tied to it:

  • Incremental Wilds mode gives 6 Free Spins
  • Stacked Wild mode gives 8 Free Spins
  • Starting Wild mode gives 10 Free Spins

We have listed the recommended value of the different modes from more recommended to least recommended below

Starting Wild - 10 Free Spins

The Starting Wild mode gives you the highest number of Free Spins and kicks off with one permanent sticky Wild in the middle position. Getting the Free Spins feature activated is not the easiest feat on the Legend of the Golden Monkey slot, hence considering this mode has all the potential of paying out massively and also the highest number of Free Spins, it is our top recommendation to choose.

Any Sticky Wild landing on reel 2 & 4 during the Starting Wild Free Spin mode will stay permanently as well, because in combination with the initial middle reel Sticky Wild there is always a winning line.

If you are lucky and quickly gain at least 1 sticky wild on both reel 2 & 4 that should guarantee a sweet big win. In this mode the Golden Monkey can jump in and add Sticky Wilds

Incremental Wilds - 6 Free Spins

If you are a risk taker looking for maximum reward our recommendation is the aggressive Incremental Wilds mode. It has the lowest amount of Free Spins, but if you are lucky getting one or even two so called countdown wilds in the middle reel your balance could quickly BOOM.

Incremental Wilds mode adds 1 sticky wild per round on the 2nd & 4th reel - ultimately giving you two full wild reels in time for the last spin. Due to the Win all ways feature (More details below) these full wild reels have the possibility of making you golden rich, especially if you get a sticky wild on the middle reel.

*One downside to be considered in the Incremental Wilds mode is that the Treasure Chest feature can't be won, in the other Free Spin modes this feature otherwise have the potential of triggering 2 extra spins.

Stacked Wild - 8 Free Spins

Our least recommended Free Spin mode, although with a bit of luck it can turn out extremely rewarding as well. The Stacked Wild mode adds a special non-sticky Triple stacked wild to the middle reel and any sticky wilds appearing on reel 2 & 4 stays permanently until Free Spins are finished.

The Golden Monkey Feature

After each spin there is always a chance of the legendary golden monkey to jump in and help you on the way by randomly changing 1 symbol into another symbol of your advantage.
If you have 4 of any symbols he will occasionally add a 5th, most commonly he kicks in a Sticky wild but he is also capable of giving you a Treasure Chest or the 3rd Free Spin symbol (If you already have 2).

The Golden Monkey is always active and able to jump in, only exception being the Incremental Wilds Free Spin mode.

Treasure Chest

The treasure chest appears solely on reel 5, it can either appear from a Spin or be triggered by the Golden Monkey. In the base game the treasure chest can award up to 1000 coins or if you're really lucky; the Free Spin Mode.

If you get the treasure chest during the Free Spin modes it can give up to 1000 coins or 2 Extra Free Spins, however just like the Golden Monkey feature it can´t appear in the Incremental Wilds Free Spin mode.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds only appear on the 2 & 4th reel and as long as you win it will stick to the next spin.

Countdown Wilds

Coundown Wilds only appear on the 3rd reel and always stays for 3 consecutive spins, regardless of outcome.

Win all Ways

The legend of the Golden Monkey online slot has no win lines, as long as there are minimum 3 identical symbols in 3 consecutive reels from the left or right it will count as a win. Identical symbols on the same reel will multiply the winnings for each extra symbol.