Koi Princess

Koi Princess slot game review

One of the most feature heavy slots found online. Koi princess from Netent is inspired by oriental influences and has an insane amount of 9 different special features, if you count it´s optional Bonus bet setting.

This review focuses solely to guide you as casino player through the different features and how to best decide whether to use the Bonus bet or not.

What is the Koi Princess Bonus Bet?

The bonus bet is a welcomed addition for feature savvy online casino slots like Koi Princess. By activating it you agree to pay double for each bet, for a higher probability of more frequent random and bonus features plus an increased Sure Win Free Spins and Bonus Wheel value.

It really does work, the number of special features that appears in Koi Princess with the bonus bet activated is a challenge to top for any online casino slot. However it is important that players choosing Bonus Bet considers that it almost renders main game wins redundant due to the doubled spin cost.

Using Bonus Bet or not?

To decide on whether to use the Bonus Bet or not, one must ask themselves a question - Am I playing Koi Princess for instant action or do I want a longer, yet still fun, playing experience?

The game is built around its features and the main game wins compared to other slots are very low. To make a significant win you have to trigger the special features, however triggering these alone is not a guarantee for a big win. Bonus & special features are still prominent without the Bonus Bet activated and considering you pay half the bet, it is definitely worthwhile to consider keeping it deactivated if you like the slot and are willing to grind the big win.

Yet at the same time Koi Princess would be nothing without its extraordinary graphic features, hence wouldn't the point of the game be to maximise the probability of these? We leave it up to you to make this your own call - none of them are better than the other, only luck will tell!

Random Koi Fish event

Bonus Bet or no Bonus Bet, Koi princess have a great random feature that can trigger on any spin. You'll notice it is about to trigger if the screen suddenly minimizes, but sometimes the slot regrets this and goes back into normal mode, which can be very frustrating.

However once and if activated you'll get to choose between 3 beautiful Koi fishes hiding a total of 4 potential special feature rewards.
The most lucrative of these is the Bonus game, which we'll focus closer on later, the other three have been ranked by us in lucrativeness from top to bottom below:

Wild Reels

Wild Reels is the feature most likely to give a no win spin, but it also has the highest probability of paying out the slots highest single coin win. With Wild Reels you will have 1 spin to make it count, between 2-5 of the Koi Princess slot´s 5 reels will be transformed into full wilds by the Koi fish.

If you would ever be so lucky as to get 5 Wild Reels you will instantly cash in 500 times the bet (or 250x the bet with the Bonus bet activated). 3-4 Wild Reels combined with some Koi princess symbols will also payout a great reward!

5-hit win

The 5-hit feature randomly picks a designated win line, guaranteeing one spin with a 5 symbol consecutive win. A wheel including all game symbols except the Bonus dragon, will then appear as well picking which symbol that will fill the designated 5-win line.

Cross your fingers for the Wild symbol! Besides a guaranteed win of 500 times your line bet (bet level x coin value) for a full win-line of wilds, you will also get all extra winnings associated with other win lines created from the other symbols.

Random Wilds

Even though we've placed the Random Wilds as the least lucrative random feature it is still actually a very good one. Random Wilds will have the Koi fish spreading out between 4-9 random wilds across the reels for 1 spin.

The average number of spread wilds are 5-6, but more can randomly be achieved. Whenever this feature activates you'll always want to hope for Wilds placing themselves over a full win line and you can collect a minimum reward of 500 times your line bet.

Bonus Game activation

The bonus game on Koi Princess can be activated in 3 alternative ways - considering this bonus game holds 4 great rewards it is a very generous feat in this casino slot.

As mentioned earlier you can activate the bonus game as 1 out of 4 features in the Random Koi fish event. It can also be won in the main game by getting 3 bonus dragons on reel 1,3 & 5. Last but not least Koi Princess sometimes offer you a random second chance of activating the bonus mode if your spin stops with only 2 bonus dragon symbols, and it just missed out on the 3rd one.

In this event a Koi fish might randomly appear and give the reels a last extra nudge, pushing in the missing bonus dragon and activating the Free Spins. The sole appearance of the Koi fish does not however guarantee anything, just like the random feature it might change its mind and leave you hanging.

Bonus game

Just like the random Koi fish feature there are 4 unique Bonus modes; Coin win, Bonus Wheel, Sure Win Free Spins and Wild Reels Free Spins.

We've listed our top picks below, starting with the least preferred feature and ending with the most preferred below:

Coin Win Bonus

Just like the name suggest this, the most boring extra feature, will award you with an instant coin win.

Wild Reels Free Spins

Exactly as the Wild Reels feature the Koi Fish will appear and add full wild reels in this bonus mode. The difference is you now have 10 Free Spins to help accumulate a number of wins, but instead of the minimum 2 wild reels as in the random feature, you can also (and most commonly) only receive 1 wild reel per spin.

Since the likeliness of getting a lot of full wild reels in this bonus mode is rather low, we don't consider Wild Reels Free Spins to be particularly treasured.

Sure Win Free Spins

The Sure Win Free Spins is a truly creative Bonus mode in which you get 10 Free Spins with a guaranteed minimum win for each spin. The guaranteed win for each spin is initially the same amount as your bet.

Anytime you win more than the guaranteed minimum win, the minimum increases to that amount and rewards 1 extra spin. In the scenario where you hit a big win on the first Sure Win Free Spins, that will then be the minimum win on each spin for the remainder of the bonus game - and that is pretty awesome!

Koi Princess Bonus Wheel

The Koi princess Bonus Wheel is however the feature we rate the highest! Besides giving the chance to accumulate mental coin wins, it can also activate Sure Win Free Spins and Wild Reels Free Spins.

There are 3 tiers to get through by rolling a dice, with all tiers having 12 boxes and you are guaranteed to get to at least to tier 2. Optimally you want to stay on tier 1 as long as possible and accumulate coin win after coin win.

The bonus will continue until you land on a Collect box (found in tier 2 & 3), if you win Sure Free Spins or Wild Reels Free Spins (Only tier 3) or if you win the ultimate jackpot coin price.

Koi Princess Jackpot coin price

Landing on the Double up box will double all values on the wheel and there are two of them to be claimed. If you go through all the tiers and unlock both Double up boxes you'll win the ultimate 100x multiplier jackpot, plus all the accumulated coins you earned by getting there.