Golden Ticket

Golden ticket slot game review

The circus is in town! Golden ticket from PlayNGo use a fairly unique online casino slot setup similar to Candy Crush and has quickly become a very popular game. If you are knew to 5x5 grid video slots game we highly recommend to read our review below.

Golden Ticket Game Mechanics

Golden ticket is a falling symbol slot which means each round starts with all symbols falling into place and then any potential winnings are accumulated until there are no winning lines left.
You can win both horizontally and vertically and the minimum number of matching symbols needed in a row is 3.

After each win the symbols used for creating the winning combinations will disappear, opening up for new win combinations to be made. The winning and disappearing symbols are not replaced by new symbols, but they can create the Golden Ticket Wild.

The Golden Ticket Wild

The golden ticket wild substitutes for all symbols and can only be activated by winning. Any 3 horizontally or vertically matching symbols will activate a golden ticket in the middle, the other symbols will be removed from the grid, whilst the wild remains until the next round to help comprise more winning combinations.

Golden Ticket Multiplier

After each win the symbols used for winnings will disappear and let the other symbols fall down and create new winning combinations. Each symbol drop increases the total win multiplier and it will continue to add multipliers to winnings until either the full grid has been cleared, or if there are no new winning combinations.

It´s possible to make some great wins only from good multipliers and luck in the main game. The bonus game should be seen more as an extension to the main game giving you the chance to add extra winnings to your main game win, since most of the big wins on the Golden Ticket slot are made outside of the bonus. By clearing the whole grid for example, instantly rewards you with the 10,000 Golden ticket jackpot!

How to activate the Golden Ticket Bonus

During each round there will be 0-5 horizontal lines randomly chosen on the grid that can activate the bonus game. These are easily distinguished by their big “bonus” text and the goal is to clear all symbols on at least one of the bonus rows in order to activate the Bonus game.

The number of cleared “bonus” lines there are, will set the winner multiplier for the bonus game. 2 cleared bonus lines equals a 2 times multiplier e.g.

Golden Ticket Bonus mechanics

The golden ticket bonus has a classic tivoli “Win a giant Teddy bear” look and it is all about matching 5 or more symbols. There are 11 unique symbols during the bonus and each Free Bonus round will show 25 symbols, hence the ideal win is having 5 x 5 symbols however this is an extremely rare occassion.

Triggering more bonus rounds

5 or more bonus symbols rewards more Bonus Rounds, 1 for each winning bonus symbol.