Doubles slot game review

Double up is the theme for this creative online video slot from game provider Yggdrasil. Featuring all our favorite symbols the cherries, sevens and diamonds to name a few and through a retro looking style with 243 win lines, this game gives us slot lovers a very good vibe when played.

Doubles have a Free Spin bonus mode that offers you 10 different options to choose from, we have grinded and grinded them all in order to help you make the best decision once triggered.

Double up with Doubles

Before jumping into the Free Spin bonus strategy it is important to understand the double feature provided in the Doubles slot.

Basically all symbols can appear in single or double version, double symbols are counted as 2 single symbols hence pays twice the amount of a single symbol. This also means that the maximum number of matching symbols on a win line in one spin is 10, unlike most slots that has a cap at 5. The minimum number of matching symbols required for a win is 3, hence a spin with a single symbol on reel 1 and a double symbol on reel 2 will always cash in.

243 Ways to win

The doubles slot rewards wins from left to right and it´s 243 Win Ways is just a fancy way of saying that every reel combination with adjacent symbols is counted for.

Most slots have defined win lines, but with Doubles your symbols can place anywhere on the reels, as long as you have minimum 3 matching symbols adjacent from left to right it will count as a win. Due to this only the longest matching combination per symbol is paid.

Doubles Free Spins

Now to the fun part! The Doubles Free Spin symbol is impossible to miss, this one appear only in a double form and you need 3 or more to initiate the Free Spin Mode. 5 Free Spin symbols awards a massive 40 Free Spins, 4 symbols give 20 Free Spins and 3 symbols rewards a still generous number of 10 Free Spins.
The Free Spins starts with the choice between all the other 9 symbols, the one symbol you choose will only appear as double throughout the Free Spins.

This means you need to use all your intuition, luck and make a conscious decision to be a gambler or a blatherer. Or you simply let us help you make the call, we have tried them all!

To Gamble or not to Gamble

To be fair there is no right or wrong choice here. The lower paying symbols will appear more often and promise a more frequent but lower pay, whilst the higher value symbols drastically increase the chances for you of winning nothing extra at all, or A LOT!

It´s important to note that the only thing that changes between the main game and Free Spin bonus is that 1 symbol of choice becomes temporarily double. Hence you will still have the same chance to cash in normal wins or get all doubles of a symbol as you would have otherwise, only the spins are free.

Always gamble a little bit at least

Due to this we recommend to disregard choosing any symbol to the left of the water melon. Should those lower paying symbols appear, you´ll still get some baby wins. But that is nothing compared to what 5 double cherry symbols for example will give you if it hits.

Unless you hit at least 4 scatter Free Spins symbols and trigger 20 Free Spins, we don't recommend picking the sevens or higher either. Cause the odds for 0 significant wins during the Free Spin mode becomes too high. However should you hit 5 scatters and receive 40 Free Spins we consider it slot murder if you don´t try and go for the Diamond Jackpot!

Diamond Jackpot

The Diamond symbol is the best symbol by far on the Doubles slot, it´s not frequently appearing but boy can it pay out! 10 matching Diamond symbols pays 25,000 times the coin value which is 1000 times the bet. Say you have €0.04 set as coin value, which with the 243 win ways is a €1 bet, you would instantly get paid €1000.

When you hit 40 Free Spin rounds it might be your absolute best chance of hitting this!