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Everyone loves the real-life, brick-and-mortar casino feel. In addition to hearing the slots roaring, bleeping and beeping in the background, every casino also needs a bit of that real sweet live blackjack casino action to complete the atmosphere.

The roulette ball spinning and hitting every pocket on the way to its destination... The distinct sound of cards being shuffled... All of this is part of a real and robust casino game experience when you play live casino games at Dreamz!

On this page, we will tell you all you need to know—and then some—about how to play live blackjack online in Canada and everything that goes into it. Be sure to fasten your seat belts for an educational, yet fun little ride!

Table Of Contents

  • What is Live Casino Gaming
  • What We Offer
  • Live Blackjack Game Basics
  • Card Values
  • Blackjack Glossary
  • Live Blackjack Strategy
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ

What is Live Casino Gaming

Let us not get ahead of ourselves just yet with all this blackjack stuff. First, we need to explain what live casino games even are.

In essence, live casino games are games whose software is tailor-made to mimic the atmosphere of a real casino. This is being done by world class gambling companies who have set up studios where they can live stream real dealers who work at real roulette and blackjack tables with real cards in hand. Suffice it to say that the technology is absolutely top-notch with players being able to make decisions using unique on-screen controls.

One of the coolest things about live blackjack games is that you are always welcome to chat with other Canadian players as well as real dealers manning the ship. To play live is a social casino experience like none other!

At this point, live casino games have already been available for several years, which means that playing live blackjack online at Dreamz is always guaranteed to be a real world class experience.

What We Offer Players in Canada

Before we get into all the nitty-gritty about the rules and strategies of live blackjack, we first wanted to tell you what it is specifically that we at Dreamz casino have to offer.

When it comes to live blackjack games, we think you'll be hard-pressed to find any online casino with as much variety as we have. In total, Dreamz has over 100 blackjack tables to choose from. Heck, you probably only need one, but regardless of that, we wanted to give this game our all!

Oh, and do not think for one second that we have put in tons of fluff to make our live blackjack selection look better. Nuh-uh. Instead, we have packed our blackjack selection full of games from two of the very best live software providers in Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play. The end result is the most varied and thorough blackjack offering under the sun!

Here are a few of our different varieties of blackjack:

Whatever your preference, you are sure to find plenty to do when you play live with us!

Oh, and if you ever want to venture outside of our live blackjack section, you can rest assured that there are also a few non-live versions out there.

While playing live blackjack has become the norm for many customers nowadays, not everyone wants to wait their turn while playing. Obviously, this is where our other blackjack versions come in to save the day!

Live Blackjack Game Basics – How to Play

All right, now that you have got the gist of what Dreamz offers on the live blackjack front, it is time to learn more about the game itself.

Although most people reading this probably already have at least some sort of a grasp on how the game of blackjack works, one could argue that you can never be too prepared.

Boringly enough, we need to start with the very basics before we can get into the more advanced stuff! Here is a step-by-step guide of how the game of blackjack usually plays out:

  1. Players choose their bets and lay their chips on the table in front of them.
  2. The dealer deals two cards to himself and each of the participating players. Both players' cards are dealt face up, whereas one of the dealer's cards will be dealt face down.
  3. Blackjack players will decide their following actions based on what their cards are and what the dealer's face up card is.
  4. Dealer finishes the game by strictly following the rules.
  5. Potential winnings are paid out.

Is any of this making any sense? Fret not. We will soon dive a lot deeper into how this classic form of gambling actually works.

Card Values in Online Blackjack

Before you go running into trouble, it is definitely worthwhile to get to know the card values in this crazy blackjack game. While most cards are valued exactly as it says on the face of the card, there are a few exemptions as well.

  • Cards from 2–10 are valued just that
  • Face cards (J, Q and K) are also all valued 10
  • Aces (A) are valued either 1 or 11, depending on what is the best for the blackjack hand in question

With these few notes, smart blackjack game players can see that the number 10 is by far the most prevalent value in blackjack. In total 4 out of every 13 cards are valued 10, which is over 30%. This means that the chance of your next card being a ten is surprisingly close to 1 out of 3! It would definitely be smart for those who play live blackjack online to pay heed to this!

Blackjack Glossary

In order to understand the game of live blackjack better, let's take a look at some of the blackjack jargon and key concepts of the game.

  • Players: All of those who play blackjack are considered blackjack players.
  • Dealer: The person (or computer program) dealing the cards. Has no will of its own.
  • Bust: The end result when the person goes over the goal of 21.
  • Hit: The act of requesting one more card from the deck. Players can hit for as long as they get a score of 21 or go bust.
  • Stand: The act of telling the dealer not to deal any more cards. This action ends the player's turn.
  • Double down: The act of doubling your stake midway through the game. This can only be done when you have a low enough score. Those who double down will only be able to receive one more card.
  • Split: The act of splitting two of the same cards into two separate hands, thus doubling your stake.
  • Insurance: If the dealer is showing an ace, there is a good possibility that they might have a blackjack. In these situations, there is a chance to insure your hand for a fee.
  • Surrender: The act of giving up midway through the round to receive a small percentage of your stake back. Do note, however, that surrender is only available in limited versions of the game.
  • Blackjack: The perfect score of 21, achieved only with both an ace and a card whose value is 10. This two-card combination typically has a higher, 3:1 payout (2,5 your stake).
  • Push: It is called a "push" (same as tie and draw) when the player and the dealer both end up with the same exact score, whether it be 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, or blackjack.
  • Side bets: Most live blackjack versions allow players to place side bets on top of their main blackjack bets. For example, you may get an extra payout from your side bet if you get pairs in your hand. For some blackjack players, side bets are actually more of the main course!
  • Bet behind: Sometimes you might want to just kind of sit on the sidelines for a bit and bet behind other players sitting at the table. This means that you are allowing another person to control your bets at the same time as they do theirs. Just make sure you bet behind someone who knows their stuff!

Online Blackjack Strategy – Advanced Level Tips

Finally, we will tell you a few advanced tips for live blackjack games. Just remember, this is our take on it, the best would be to find your own strategy you feel comfortable with and works for you.

Keep Your Calm

One of the most important tips for live casino games that you will ever find is to always keep a level head while playing.

The same kind of applies to live roulette and other forms of gambling as well, but live blackjack games in particular can be quite hectic and unforgiving at times. While your chances of winning with the optimal strategy will be pretty close to 50:50 (hence the 99+ per cent RTP rate), you are eventually going to hit a few losing streaks as well. During these times, it is vital to always be mindful of your balance and how much real money you are willing to put on the line.

Take Advantage of Double Down and Splitting

Live blackjack games offer their players two different types of opportunities to double their stake for even bigger wins. Doubling down at the right moment can oftentimes be great for your cashflow, whereas splitting is even more of an advanced technique. Keep in mind, for instance, that when you play live blackjack, it is never recommended to split cards that are valued 20 together. This will only turn a likely win into two potential losses.

Never Pay for Insurance

Most live blackjack games will let you insure your hand against the dealer's blackjack. This is never recommended as the fee is simply too high when you weigh in the odds.

Do Not Focus Too Much on 21

Many people not yet well-versed in the art of live blackjack think that the goal of the game is to get as close to 21 as you can. This is not true, however, as the only thing you really need to worry about is beating the dealer. Plain and simple. In the grand scheme of things, it does not matter one bit whether you beat the dealer with a score of 12 or a score of 20. This is something you should really keep in mind!

Another important thing to note is that the actual blackjack dealer (whether it be a computer program or a real person) does not have any say in what happens in the game. The live dealer has his hands completely tied as he only has to follow two simple rules, which are the following:

  • Dealer must hit until the score of 17.
  • Dealer must stand at the score of 17 and above.

Now, let's say that you as the one playing live blackjack choose to stand at the score of 13. Even if the dealer has 14, 15, or 16, he must continue to hit as he cannot stand before 17. This can seem a bit silly at first, considering the fact that the dealer has the second turn and is essentially trying to beat the player's score.

Always Consider What The Blackjack Dealer Has

If you really want to take advantage of the extremely low, under one-per cent house edge of live blackjack, it would be best for you to always look at the one card that the dealer is showing.

Most players only consider their own cards and follow arbitrary rules like always only standing at at least 16. These kinds of flawed strategies can hurt your bottom line in the long run.

The optimal strategy in most live blackjack games actually entails always hitting up to 17 if the dealer is showing a score of 10 or 11. Conversely, you would do well in already standing at 12 or 13 when the dealer is showing only 4, 5, or 6. This is because, with lower card values, the dealer has a high chance of going bust as they try to make their way up to at least 17.

Again, remember, the odds of the dealer getting a 10 are as high as 30%! Even this tip alone could save you a ton of real money!


Dreamz lets you play blackjack live whenever you want. The world class software that we use is being kept up and running at all times. Whenever you are in the mood for some live casino gambling, you are welcome to visit our website and start playing!


Still got some questions after reading our massive article? Here are some of them answered!

Is it wise to use side bets when you play live blackjack?

Side bets are both a fun way to increase the volatility of live blackjack and to add a bit more unpredictability. Even things such as simple pairs or flushes will become a huge part of the game. Whether it is "wise" to use side bets is in the eye of the beholder, but the already high RTP is not likely to increase with this decision.

Can you play live blackjack without real money?

It is not free for game studios to keep their blackjack software up and running and their real life live dealers employed. Because of this, live casino gambling is pretty much the only form of gambling that is not available in demo mode. In other words, you need to make a deposit to play blackjack with us.

Can I use my Dreamz welcome bonus to play live casino games such as blackjack?

For all the information on our bonuses, please visit the relevant section of our website. Typically, however, live casino and blackjack are not included in bonuses—or they only advance your wagering at a slower pace.

What is the minimum bet for playing blackjack?

The minimum and the maximum bets are different for each table. If you arrived at a table with bet limits that are too high to your liking, feel free to exit and find another one. You are sure to also find tables that allow bets as low as 1 CAD.

What if I cannot find a seat at the live blackjack tables?

This is a common problem as most live casino tables only have around seven seats in total. Fret not, however, as Dreamz has a bunch of blackjack tables with plenty of seats available. Just exit the table and try another one. Alternatively, you can also try the "bet behind" feature.

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